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E-shop General Trading Terms and Conditions
This is the website of the e-shop dedicated to the sale of Salamandra products via the internet (hereinafter the “Shop”) of the company “IOANNIS V. MOTSAKOS (TIN: 031650693), Irakleous 18 – Petroupoli, 13231, Athens Greece (hereinafter the “Company”).

Being clearly and comprehensibly formulated, the following General Trading Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “GTTCs”) govern the commercial and trading relations of the Company with Shop visitors and/or customers, in accordance with the relevant legislation on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), and in particular in accordance with the provisions on distance selling and Law 2472/1997, Electronic Commerce (P.D. 131/2003) as currently in force. Furthermore, the “GTTCs” regulate the conditions governing the Protection of Individuals from the Processing of Personal Data (Laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2006), in accordance with current legislation as it stands and in the light of the principle of good faith and of the relevant provisions on the validity of the transactions.

By entering the shop as a visitor and/or customer, you automatically, fully and unconditionally acknowledge and agree with the following GTTCs. Every transaction with the shop requires and implies your acceptance of the GTTCs.

Sold products

The shop offers the products and articles sold by the Company (hereinafter the “Products”). The shop guarantees the information provided regarding the characteristics and other supporting elements of these products and the accuracy of data, such as indicatively the product identity, the existence of a guarantee, the manufacturing material and the specifications. The shop reserves its rights as regards inadvertent technical or typographical omissions, and/or cases of intermittent website operation due to technical problems and failures of servers, the internet, systems and other providers.

Select the product you wish and see information about its identity, details and availability by following the relevant instructions. All listed prices of the products you choose include VAT (24%); otherwise, they shall be expressly indicated and labelled and concern products available at the company. The shop may adjust these prices without notice.


In any case and without justification, you may withdraw from your purchase within fourteen (14) days of making it.

Contacting the company

You can contact the shop for any information or clarification by phone at 210 3000306 or by email at eshop@salamandra.gr.


The Shop offers you the option of receiving information on new Company Products and any other Company offers and services by receiving advertising messages – newsletters at the electronic or mailing address or the phone you have requested. The Shop shall in no case overuse its above service. You are always given the option to terminate this service by sending a request to the email address eshop@salamandra.gr.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Except for the explicitly mentioned exceptions (intellectual property rights of third parties, partners and operators), the entire content of the website, including images, graphics, photographs, figures, texts, its overall appearance, distinctive features, signs and symbols, are copyright-protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international conventions. Any other products or services mentioned in the Shop that bear the marks of the respective organisations, companies, partners, partnerships, associations or publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore the above bodies bear the responsibility for such.

Liability of the Parties

By accepting these GTTCs and browsing the Shop as a visitor/customer, you represent that you are legally able to enter into this contract and to use the Shop under the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Furthermore, as a Shop visitor/customer, you agree and accept that you are financially responsible for all uses of the Shop as well as for the use of the salamandra account by others – including people living with you and thus agree to supervise any use of the Shop by minors using the salamandra account or your name. The Company, including its consultants and employees, is liable only for fraud or gross negligence and only for actual damages, while this liability may not exceed the value of the Products sold.

Applicable law, Compensation and other terms

The Company and the Shop reserve the right to amend or update these GTTCs, which shall have effect from the date of their posting in the Shop, in writing, without notice. The Company’s failure to exercise any right may not be construed as a waiver of such.

Your browsing, use and trading with the Shop is governed by Greek law, the law of the EU and the relevant international treaties, and shall be construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and the economic and social purpose of the right. If any provision is found contrary to law and therefore void or voidable, it shall cease to have effect, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. No amendment of the terms of this agreement shall be taken into account and shall constitute part thereof, unless expressed in writing and incorporated herein. The courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction for resolving any dispute that may arise while browsing, using and trading with the Shop.

Any provision of the above terms that becomes contrary to the law shall cease to have effect and shall be removed herefrom, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.
It is expressly agreed hereby that if any administrative or judicial action or claim, arising from any form of breach on your part, is brought against our Website, you undertake the obligation first to participate in the relevant action and second to compensate our Website if it is forced to pay compensation or other costs.

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